About Us

Gate Automation Johannesburg

A lock-up garage is a wonderful decorative and security addition to our homes. Whether you use it to park your valued vehicle for safe-keeping or have converted your lock-up garage into a home office or workshop, we would like our garage doors to do its job.

We all want to make good choices as far as our home installations and security is concerned and safety and longevity is paramount in everything we invest in.

But what security purpose does a garage door serve when it’s not fully functional or of low quality that creates more issues than not or is continuously on the blink?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of garage door companies are strictly monitored by quality assurers and sometimes tend to fly a bit ‘below the radar’. These companies are often not adequately insured and tend to be equally non-accountable for their work because they do not abide by any strict control measures nor penalties.

We are your go-to company in garage door quality. We believe in quality and we also believe that our clients deserve the very best – our reputation means the world to us. We supply with confidence in our products and our service and the more information our fabulous sales team can convey to you, the better decisions you can make. Transparency is key to good business practice.

Our stock and supply carry the necessary insurance and you will be pleased to be presented with a great selection of warrantee options on full units and parts alike. Our friendly and fast technicians are always well-presented, and they have been properly trained in both our products and installation.

With us, you can expect professionalism and courtesy at all times. We will also be happy to provide customer references on both product and services from our previous clients and projects.

In a cut-throat industry we know that your business is extremely valuable and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you only have good things to say. We pride ourselves in excellence. Give us a call today for a first-class experience and zero regrets.