Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Automation Johannesburg

I’d like to find out a bit more about Garage Door Warranties – please elaborate?

Reputable garage door supply companies will surely furnish you with a warranty option or options for each of their range of different doors. Of course, a garage door is not just a sheet of steel or a wooden structure, but is engineered through the addition of springs, rollers and many other intricate little parts that make it function optimally. Once you are presented with a warrantee, it is important that you familiarise yourself with what the assurance actually covers. Some companies exclude certain ‘hidden’ parts from their warranty and not surprisingly, these are the parts that often need replacing first. Shop around for your best warranty options and make an informed decision when placing your valued business with your chosen company.


There are so many garage door suppliers around. What makes a company better than the rest?

Indeed, one is presented with a huge array of companies who all promise the moon and the stars when it comes to their garage doors. The door industry is vast and a sure way of finding the best supply and installation companies around is to look at their track record and referrals. These days people are eager to compliment but also to complain and you will be sure to get a bit more ‘inside info’ about a company be looking at their testimonial pages. Worthy companies offer worthy products. Investigate the brands on offer – the internet world speaks volumes and it’s easy to spot a dud versus a good investment these days. Quality guarantees and warrantees of course cement a reputation and the ever popular ‘word-of-mouth’ method is a fast way to sift through the husks.