Our ancient garage door unfortunately gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and we were forced to investigate other options. We simply couldn’t leave our vehicles open to break-ins and our garage is very visible from the road which made us increasingly nervous that someone would see it as an opportunity. Our house is really lovely, but the garage had been neglected for years. We are so happy with our new door. Not only does it match our house colour perfectly (we are actually proud of it now) but it is super quiet and works wonderfully. Thank you guys for supporting our enquiry the way you did. We have recommended your company to several other people now and we wish you all the best for the future of your business.

Quinn Calvin

Having an old manual garage door simply just didn’t work for us anymore. My wife drives in and out of our property several times a day and I was very worried about her safety and that she may eventually fall victim to a hijacking. It was much easier than we thought to have a garage motor installed and we were given great options to choose from. The installation itself went smoothly and we were so glad that we didn’t have to have our existing door replaced – it was simply modified. Grateful for your friendliness and support to – your sales team is fantastic. We will always highly recommend your company. Thanks!

Willie Vermeer

Thank you guys for repairing our gate motor so quickly. Your response time was amazing. Plus, we didn’t know that there were things that we ourselves can do to make sure it lasts longer and is well protected. We are so grateful and I am pleased to say that the gate is working very well so far. We 100% recommend your company for gate and gate motor services.

Joseph Hannah